About the girl

  • Age: 24
  • Bust : 5
  • Height : 168
  • Weight : 53
  • Figure : Slender
  • Location: Centr
  • Knowledge of languages: Russian English German


Something about me

Rebellious and timid, defiantly sexy and virtuous top model - a swirl of contradictions. She knows a lot about pleasure and can give it to you "piping hot". Right at this moment. She does not know shyness, and she doesn’t have complexes. She is shameless, slightly childlike, and not the type to get embarrassed. Yes - this turns you on in a special way. Uncompromisingly. Without self control.

What makes a girl sexy? Luxurious figure, languid gaze, artistry... a bit of everything. But the main thing in every lioness is the ability to arouse desire effortlessly. That's Diana. And your paths have to cross.