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Queens Palace Escort Agency

An escort agency: is it a temple of arts or an assembly of vices, the best way to get to know Moscow or a great chance to get to know what «the mysterious Russian soul» is? Whichever your answer is, whatever the purpose of your visit to Moscow, we are glad to welcome you to our Queens Palace Elite Escort Agency! We are those who can not only understand your desires but can anticipate them, not simply satisfy your needs but make then real with a brilliancy, inventiveness and an attractive quality of charm.

It is no accident that our agency is now one of the leading Russian escort services agencies and enjoys wide popularity among Western admirers of the escort services. A precisely regulated recipe helped us to become a leader in the escort services sphere: we unite the verbs ‘to conquer’ and ‘to seduce’, the adjectives ‘successful’ and ‘inimitable’, dip the whole thing into the Moscow night club life, warm it up on the Mediterranean beaches and relax it during flights in gorgeous aircraft. Then we add the glitter of diamonds and the tenderness of silk and come to the sought-after satisfaction of all participants. The correctness of our formula is also proven by researches of a social psychologist David Bass who, having questioned representatives of 1,000 countries, came to the following conclusion: in all world cultures men are most attracted by women’s beauty, and women are attracted by men’s wealth.

Everybody knows that the Russian ladies are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Thus we deservedly have the reputation of a supplier of the most high quality escort services.

The Escort Agency in your life, business and rest

Is an escort agency a caprice or a necessity for you? Whatever your sanctimonious colleagues and friends say, a Moscow escort agency phone number is the first thing you need to put down into your notebook after you took a decision to go to Russia for your vacation or a business trip for a couple of days or for several years as a company representative. Models of our Escort Agency are not just the most beautiful guides; they are also incredibly clever, glaringly sexy, fluent in foreign languages, and are ready to show you the Moscow you will never find on any tourist map of the city.

Escort services personally for you

Escort services are an important component of any foreigner’s life in Moscow. Our models will become irreplaceable assistants for you in this: starting from VIP events that are not appropriate for visiting without a partner to business tours through the country or on your vacation. Believe us, there is nothing more amusing and carefree than a short week-end or a week’s vacation with a Russian model. Light on their feet, mobile and cheerful, adoring the drive and the night club life, they will bring the youthful ardour and a positive charge into your life that will brighten up the days of your stay in a foreign country.

More. The escort services of our Agency are not limited to a nice chat, sightseeing or translation from Russian at a high society reception. Our escort ladies will help you to become a real expert in Russia: social life, modern history, national traditions and peculiarities of doing business ‘in the Russian style’. Moreover, you will be able to expand your knowledge of Russian language, literature, music and arts.

Escort models for partners

Escort models are an ‘ambulance’ during a visit by your countrymen. Are you waiting for a visit to Moscow by your partners, friends or bosses? Do you need to think about not only negotiations, deals, internal audit but also about the leisure-time of your colleagues? The well-known and proven Queens Palace Escort Agency will help you. A dinner party or a fun party with the best Moscow models, their shining beauty, erudition and language proficiency will make this evening unforgettable. Even if the pleasure your colleagues and partners derive from their pleasant pastime will not guarantee your career promotion it will, by all means, increase the level of their personal trust in you.

Escort models for business

Escort models are often indispensable assistants in any business. They are perfectly educated, possess great negotiation skills and have knowledge of foreign languages and psychological aspects of holding top level meetings. Please do not forget as well that their astonishing appearance, beautiful figures and undisguised sex appeal can become decisive arguments to make a serious deal or, on the contrary, to relax the representatives of a partner/competitor inciting them to a good-natured mood. In any case after your meeting is over, you’ll have a one of a kind evening in the escort model’s company who will help with their personal example to secure a mutual understanding with your partners or competitors.

We gained the rank of an elite escort agency, however, not only thanks to the beauty and manners of our ladies. We managed to achieve the situation where each of them is truly proud of her escort model status and is in love with her work and each companion she has a chance to escort. We select only independent and ambitious ladies: aspiring actresses, singers and fashion models who join the VIP escort not only to earn money but also to display themselves to the maximum, apply their knowledge of psychology and foreign languages and find a powerful patron for the future promotion of their careers. So each of our escort girls is sincerely interested and fascinated with the one that destiny and her profession bring to her. The main component of success is in this honest sympathy and mutual interest. It was Marlene Dietrich who wrote, «A man can more likely be attracted by a woman who demonstrates her interest in him than a woman with nice legs».

Escort ladies in Moscow are different from their foreign colleagues in that they do not always agree to play the role of a trophy ‘acquired during hunting’. It is much more tempting to conquer men on your own, without waiting for someone else’s favour. So when coming to our agency looking for a model for an escort, be ready to be seduced, tempted and allured. Believe us you won’t regret it! Whether it is simply going out, a business reception, a joint visit to a party, a short-term vacation or a private party with our models in our apartments — this not cheap but is an extremely memorable type of leisure-time will become a breath of fresh air for you, a release from your usual ties and an escape from the chains of your daily routine.

We also know that the separation from your beloved and the absence of sex without personal obligations are the hardest things to bear when away from home. If your girlfriend is thousands kilometres away and sex with her is impossible, you are bound to have fantasies that are far outside the limits of your self-control. Perhaps you dream about sexual pleasures balanced on the edge of good and bad? If you have not yet visited your approved sexual pathologist, do not rush. Unconventional dreams do not signal about a gap in your adequacy at all. They tell about many other things though... This is however a completely different story we will certainly tell you about it during our personal meeting.

Welcome to the Queens Palace Elite Escort Agency!