№ 711

Age:   22
Bust:   3
Height:   170
Weight:   47
Figure:   Slender
Location:   Kievskaya
Knowledge of languages:   Russian,
Price list
Apartments Depature Escort
1 hour
10 000 руб.
2 hours
20 000 руб.
100 000 руб.
2 hours
20 000 руб.
50 000 руб.
50 000 руб.
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Something about me

"There is no beauty standards" - this phrase, I can not agree at all 100. Attractiveness each defines for himself. Someone more like the European type, and someone Asian. Oriental girls are famous flexible pitched charming tenderness, gentle disposition, the ability to "defuse the situation" and give minutes of blissful rest weary knight. When the sky sparkling stars and moon sends down its gentle light, it's time to delve into the mysteries of "1000 and 1 night", in the charming, sensual stories of Scheherazade. In the waves of passion Dana will not drown ... I'll be saving a boat for you, and together we will sail to the lighthouse Bliss, and then we lay exhausted on the shore of Appeasement, laugh and chat about nothing, to feel again - Happiness is.


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