Barbara № 818

  • Age: 24
  • Bust: 4
  • Height: 180
  • Weight: 54
  • Figure: Slender
  • Location: Array
  • Knowledge of languages: Array
Прейскурант на услуги
Apartments Depature Escort
1 hour 30 000 руб. 2 hours 60 000 руб. 2 hours 60 000 руб.
2 hours 60 000 руб. night 100 000 руб. 200 000 руб.
night 100 000 руб. - -

Something about me

Dance is my passion, my life, my only interest. It is flight for me. It is like take off the ground and escape from everyday reality. I am vip model Adele which soars upward. I always invite those people who I want to present bright and fireworks experience. My dance inspires, liberates, and what is the most important it blurs the boundaries between me and the audience. I am professional dancer, and so I linked my life with the dance long and firmly. I live like a dance. I draw a complex pattern, circling in a furious pace, hitting everyone with my plastic and royal grace.

I am really beautiful at that moment, when I feel when hundred eyes look at me - tall, slender girl with a proud carriage, mouth-watering breasts and chiseled cheekbones. If you know the value of feminine beauty in ancient times, sees it as a gift from the gods and bow to the power of the young and supple body. I use it perfectly. Therefore a date with me will turn into a fascinating journey through the hollows and seductive sexy bulge which secret a lot of unforgettable pleasure. I have so much energy as the stunningly seductive maturity. Blood doesn’t run through my veins. It is flammable cocktail, mixed with champagne, unbridled imagination and acute, over common framework sexuality.

Ты тут лучшая!
Варя, ты умница и красавица. Миллион поцелуев - ты самая прелестная Колдунья ))
Роскошная девушка для «особых случаев». Варю невозможно забыть ))

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