About the girl

  • Age: 20
  • Bust: 3
  • Height: 172
  • Figure: Slender
  • Location: Kievskaya
  • Knowledge of languages: Russian English Немецкий_en
  • 1 hour - 25 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 50 000 руб.
  • night - 80 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 50 000 руб.
  • night - 80 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 50 000 руб.
  • day - 140 000 руб.

Something about me

My name is very melodic, but also surprisingly strong - as the word "yes" is. You feel it if you uttered in the heat of passion, whirl of emotions, depths of madness. These feelings seize any man who will be next to me, a little bit closer than that enable decency. By the way, I have forgotten about decorum long time ago. These fresh, mossy rules aren’t followed by the British Royal family. And I am young and passionate top model. My providence tells live with senses itself. I won’t force myself into the the limits of decency.

When I was exactly 16 years old when I realized that my main talent is to seduce gently and subtly, to tempt, to tease and to entice. Till today I’ve learned how to do it so artfully, that sometimes I do not know where the game is, and where reality is. Sometimes in the morning I began to torment the sweet bliss. My body "burns" in anticipation and exude vibes of sex for hundreds meters around. Believe me, no one has survived, everybody become sensitive and affectionate slave of my charms. But the unworthy men experience the real meal. They wants me, but do not have the slightest chance even to touch my feet.

I am vip escort model. I take from life only the most expensive, that captures and releases, that promises to make even one night a bright and slightly unreal wicked journey into the world of forbidden lust. Do you like dangerous adventure? And are you ready to pay for a round trip ticket? Then hurry up to dial my number.

Волшебная фея, с которой я бы пообщался еще. Гостеприимна, приятная в общении, все делает, как тебе нравится, не строптивая. Вобщем умница!
colniska ti prelecti))

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