About the girl

  • Age: 23
  • Bust: 3
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 52
  • Figure: Slender
  • Knowledge of languages: Russian English
  • 1 hour - 50 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 100 000 руб.
  • day - 350 000 руб.

Something about me
Have you ever dreamed of meeting a real noblewoman with a prideful and gracious gait, a confident look, and endless possibilities. The possibilities of satisfying the most unusual and daring desires? If your answer is "Yes", then you should be congratulated, because you are incredibly fortunate. I am exactly that girl of real royal blood, who cannot be handled by everyone. I am the destiny of the chosen, I am created for the favorites of fate. And you, no doubt, also belong to this caste of the chosen, to the caste of people of blue blood.

Many things are possible with me: riding a troika of bay horses of the true Orlov breed, traveling on a fast cruise ship and on an extremely beautiful yacht. I'm good at everything: in a hot tub filled with fragrant rose petals and on silk sheets washed away in the heat of irrepressible passion. In a magnificent palace, in a columned hall, I will be your perfect match, afterall being an escort is my destiny, my life credo.