About the girl

  • Age: 24
  • Bust: 2
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 52
  • Figure: Slender
  • Knowledge of languages: Russian English
  • 1 hour - 20 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 40 000 руб.
  • night - 90 000 руб.
  • day - 180 000 руб.

Something about me
In appearance, I look like "my own boyfriend". This is true and false at the same time. On the one hand, my credo is "All or nothing", and on the other — "Everything brilliant is simple". So, if you have some secret dreams that you are even afraid to admit to, you can confidently invite me on a trip with you — to the wild blue yonder, to adventures, by any means necessary. I'll be a great piece of adornment on a fast liner, and in an "Uncle Tom's cabin", located somewhere on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. According to the places I escort you, my "behavior" will also change: I will act the "belle of the ball" in luxurious places, in an "impenetrable jungle"— a fearless amazon woman, and in a "modest hotel room" - a maid willing to do almost anything.

In my case, appearance is not deceptive at all; I, like the goddess Shiva, can have "many hands", each of which will pull you into the abyss of passion, cover you with a volcano of pleasure, and give you a fountain of emotions.