About the girl

  • Age: 21
  • Bust: 2
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 52
  • Figure: Slim
  • 1 hour - 25 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 50 000 руб.
  • night - 100 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 50 000 руб.
  • day - 200 000 руб.
  • night - 100 000 руб.

Something about me

The unusual beauty of this girl can dazzle any man. But the word beauty is too trite for her. Thousands of men are ready to bow their heads at the sight of her eyes. Kamilla is a top Moscow escort model, the queen of the East with Slavic roots. Yet, if you look at her, you can say that there is something Greek about her...did Aphrodite come down from Olympus? Who knows, her elegant body only confirms the guesses. Her strict and playful gaze is ready to pull you into a storm of passion and lust.

Anyone who wants to spend leisure time with hershould be prepared for her ardent and stormy character. I do not advise you to play with fire, if you are not ready to burn in the flames of her charming shapes. But if you still decide to tryyour luck with thisnymph top escort, then be prepared to lose your mind from her touch. Her velvety and soft skin will envelop you like a cloud and make you forget about problems and other things. I want to warn you that there is a small side effect – you will want more andmore, and Kamilla will be happy to give you everything you want.