About the girl

  • Age: 25
  • Bust: 1,5
  • Height: 169
  • Weight: 51
  • Figure: Slender
  • Knowledge of languages: Russian English
  • 1 hour - 15 000 руб.
  • 2 hours - 30 000 руб.
  • day - 150 000 руб.

Something about me
Most of all, I love transformations, I love to play characters. A strict teacher, a mistress, a doctor in a seductively short outfit and a cheerful, unpretentious courtesan - all this is me. Would you like to call an elite girl so that you can briefly transform into a shy schoolboy, a "cute tot" or my "patient"?

I'll tell you a secret: "It's possible, because with me, almost everything is possible." Meanwhile, I play each character like I live my life. And at first you won't even know if you're "at the desk in a classroom", at the doctor’s office, or in the "lair of a fierce seductress."

And, even if you suddenly come back to me again, a completely different person will be waiting for you, a completely different Me, nothing like the one before. So, would you like to play my entertaining game?